Wk1 – Classmate Convo – Sam Hernandez

Sam and I – she is way more photogenic than I am

I think when you get people together and force them to talk to someone, for most people, the first response is generally one of caution and fear. You don’t know anyone, you’re in a new place…who do you talk to? For me, I usually go with proximity. Does the person next to me look nice? OK, let’s try this! For me, the person closest to me was Sam.

It might not have been a conversation that would change the world, as we kept the topics light and airy, but I did learn a bit about Sam. First off, this is her first year of college, and she hasn’t declared her major yet, which I can’t blame her for – I’m twenty-six years old and I just figured out what I want to do with my life! She commutes to school, but her father drives her, which I am so envious of, since she doesn’t have to deal with the horror that is the student parking lot. She has a pack of dogs at home, mixed breeds that look so different, yet are all related. She’s never left the west coast, but wants to travel, and I really hope she does, and told her so -everyone should travel away from where they come from, if not to escape then to appreciate your home more than you did.

I may not know her well (but, I mean how well do you really know anyone?), but I did get a good impression from Sam. She was very nice and friendly, a little quiet, but who isn’t on the first day? All in all, I thought the conversation was rather pleasant (though I may have dominated the chatter, as I tend to be bold and loud), and I like Sam.


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