Wk16 – Review – Art 110


Hey kids! Are you looking for a fun class to take in the Spring or Fall semester at CSULB? Well, look no further! Art 110 – Intro into the Visual Arts, is a pretty nifty class!

The spectrum of art covered starts from the prehistoric era all the way up to the current tech art, and covers everything in between. Are you good at art? Great! Are you atrocious at art? Also great! Any skill level is welcone and encouraged to participate!

Honestly, this class was a lot of fun. I met a lot of really cool people while attending, and also branched a little out of my comfort zone. I tried art projects that I might not have gone for if left to my own devices, and I actually did not feel overwhelmed by the workload. There wasn’t a financial burden, which a lot of art classes bring on (art supplies can be pricey), and it was just, overall a good experience.

It should be pretty obvious, but I would recommend this class to future students. Two thumbs up!


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