Wk16 – Art Experience – Hidden Dorys’



Finals. A single word with enough power to crush a college student under the weight of failed expectations. Even the most prepared student gets anxious when they think about how their future careers depend on the outcome of this one exam period. That’s stressful, and even I wasn’t immune…but I decided to try and be positive, and wanted to try and help out other students…but how?

I had leftover Valentines from February, little Finding Dory cut outs, and all I could think when I saw them was ‘just keep swimming’, and I knew I had to share them,so that’s what I did!


With some tape, and a few flashcards, I proceeded to stick hidden Dorys’ all over CSULB.


Students can find her and smile, and take her if they wish for good luck during a final. She’s all over campus (or was) so be on the look out! You might just find her! Hopefully, people will take away positivity from this. I certainly had fun doing this!



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