Wk16 – Art Experience – Hipster Terrarium


I had a thought as I was riding the 121 bus on Ocean Boulevard, only a few blocks from my aparent. As I stared out at the water, it occurred to me that I have lived in California since January, and had only visited the beach once. Once! I had to remedy that. So, I grabbed some snacks, flip flops, and went down to the shore with my brother, and just sort of basked for a while.

With an empy drink container, I decided to get creative. I took the label off (and pocketed the remnants so I did not litter) and began filling it with sand. Along the way I found little bivalves that I “thought” had died in the sun after the tide had pulled out. 20170516_180710.jpg

After getting everything set up, I had done it! A perfect little hipster terrarium! I added a little sea water to give it more effect, when I noticed my little bivalve friends began to move and burrow!


Being responsible, I released everything from the bottle, back into the sea. What I learned from this experience is that…everything is limited, and moments are easy to catch…but you have to, in the end, let everything go.

My art piece is a memory now, but I’ll have that memory forever now, thanks to this blog. And my Terrarium? It’s all of Junipero Beach, now, since who am I to rob nature?


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