Wk15 – Art Experience – Designing My Life

Before Disney made me dye my hair

So, being twenty-six years old, I’ve had a good amount of time to get to know who I am and figure out what it is I want to do with my life. You would think that I would know what I want by now, but…nope. The thing about life is that it never stops, and your plans don’t always work out like you hoped.

Take sixteen year old me; a bright-eyed high school junior, doing well and looking forward to applying to Ivy League schools(The University of Pennsylvania, in particular) in the fall. I wanted to be a psychiatrist then…I wanted a degree in medicine…and then I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease. This horrible time in my life made me dread going to the hospital, so how was I supposed to become a doctor? My plans change, and they keep changing all the time.

I don’t know if the things I want now will stick, but if I had to imagine three possible futures, it would go in this order:

1. Screenwriter (as well as actress /director /etc.) – This is what I (currently) really want to do with my life. I’ve always considered myself a storyteller, and film is the current and most popular way to tell stories. I love films…but this isan extremely competitive industry. From what I know of it, my path to this option is pretty straightforward: keep writing. There are tons of people with my dream job who have never set foot in a college classroom, so chasing a degree isn’t necessary for this, though that doesn’t change the fact that I still want a degree. At this point, my plan in to finish college with a BA in Creative Writing, getting an internship in the film industry, securing representation with an agency, and selling a screenplay – easy, right?

Confidence: 3 – I think I can do this…I just can’t let anyone get under my skin.

Resources: 3- I don’t have a ton of resources in the film industry…but I do currently work for AMC and Disney, so climbing the corporate ladder could work out. Also, the film department at CSULB could probably direct me to a resource or two.

Impact: 4 – I would hope this would be impactful, particularly with the films I want to make.

Satisfaction : 5 – I’d finally be in my element.



2. Professor or Grade School Teacher- specifically in English/Creative Writing – this path is a little easier to explain on paper, but more rigorous in practice. To become a professor of English, I would have to complete my MFA in Creative Writing, as well as go through the necessary process to become a teacher (student teacher trials, board certification, etc.). Then, it’s on to actually being hired by a school and surviving the first year. Fun! This path is hard, but hopefully rewarding?

Confidence: 3 – I have some doubts that I’d be happy as a teacher, as I sometimes lack the temperament to deal with children,but I do think I could accomplish this goal.

Resources : 5- I have all the resources now, I just need the degrees.

Impact: 4 – I’d like to think that teachers make an impact…I know mine did.

Satisfaction: 4 – I would hope that I’d be satisfied, teaching new generations how to appreciate literature, and to craft it on their own.

3. I’d still be a writer…I just would write on my own time, instead of being constrained by deadlines. This is the easiest to imagine, because money isn’t an obstacle, this is pure leisure. Of course, to be a successful writer, I’d have basically the same plan as option one, except I’d be able to gamble more with my finances (and probably have better access to representation). Basically, everything in option one, but put it at a leisurely pace.

This is never going to be realistic, unless I take up gold digging as a hobby, so we’ll just rate this as a 0 all around.


End game…it all comes down to me and how hard I’m willing to work for what I want. First things first – gotta get my BA!




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