Wk15 – Classmate Conversation – Jackie



It would be fitting to end the semester with someone who shares the same passions as I do, and so it happened! Jackie introduced herself to me, and we discovered that we both want to pursue screenwriting. While both of us write in different genres, Jackie prefers drama while my preferred style is comedy.

The majority of our conversation was about film,  (favorite movies, filmmakers we respect and films we liked) though the tail end of our conversation focused on the film program specifically at CSULB. We discussed the unit count to graduate, as well as the difficulty of being able to nail down an advising appointment – its akin to finding Bigfoot riding a unicorn, almost impossible. We had a laugh or two at our own expense at this.

Overall, I really liked Jackie. She’s very bubbly, and eager to help – she was a wealth of knowledge regarding film resources on campus, as I’m technically a creative writing major, and don’t have access to everything the Film and Electronic Arts majors do. Jackie is in her first year, and already shows great promise in her academic career. I wish her every success in the future – we need more women in the industry!




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