WK14 – Classmate Conversation – Betty

photo taken from Betty’s FB page

This may be the end of the semester, but Betty is someone that I actually met at the very beginning of the semester. I think I was a little lost on the first day of class (and half the semester, really), and I asked Betty if I was in the right place for Art 110. She said yes, and we chit chatted a bit before the lecture, but that was kind of it.

This happened most weeks of class; we would see each other, have brief chit chat, and then go on our ways, until finally we had a project to do – the ID card project, in which two cards had to perfectly match up as the gallery pieces did. Obviously, when you have to collaborate, you talk a bit more, and we definitely had a real conversation on our hands.

Strangely enough, we didn’t really talk about CSULB, save for Betty being close to graduation, and how I had just transferred in. Instead, we talked about art we liked (Betty has a pretty neat anime messenger bag), film locations (Ferris Bueller’s house is in the area!), and a lot of politics. It was no surprise to find that we both had great distaste for the Emperor Cheeto, and both have massive concerns for the future – Healthcare being my main concern, Betty’s being after-school programs (her job is working with kids during an after-school program).

Politics kind of overtook the conversation, which became more somber, but we still managed to get a few laughs in.

End result? I like Betty. We exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch…now I just have to get better at texting!


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