Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Toria


So, I invaded the 1pm class again, but…oh well! The point is to get out of your comfort zone and talk to fellow CSULB students, so goal met! In this case I met Toria, who was pretty   bomb-diggity-tastic!

Toria, is a dance major – a lot of cool people I’ve met on campus seem to be, so she’s in good company. We covered a lot of ground in the ten or so minutes we spoke to one another, the main focus of our conversation being the lack of women in our respective intended industries.

For example, in the eighty-nine years that the Academy Awards have run, did you know only one woman has won for Best Director (Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker)? When speaking on the subject of dance, the only dancer I could even name was Mikhail Baryshnikov, and this was just sticking with our industries.

First impressions usually give you a glimpse of a person, and from this glance I could tell I liked Toria a lot. She’s bright and funky, and really easy to talk to. I think if we had the chance to really get to spend more time together, we could easily end up friends.

Also – did you see our plaid game? Totally on point!


4 thoughts on “Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Toria

  1. bonus points for plaid game
    haha, I thought it said “pallid” (which would have also been worth bonus points.

    Speaking of words, are you sure you meant “bombastic”?


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