Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini


20170419_125146.jpgArtist: Alice Andreini
Exhibition: No-Mans Land
Media: Drawing and Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East

Website: andreiniart.com (she insists it has not been updated recently, so visit at your own risk)

About the Artist



Alice Andreini has loved art her entire life, though painting has been her first, and most persistent lover. She has always wanted to be an artist. She briefly took a similar sidetrack in theater, and designed sets, but eventually succombed to the siren call of a straight art degree. Painting is her favorite form of art, and she experiments with all types of paint. This exhibit, no-mans land, is her first forray into the world of oil painting.

When asked what she hopes that viewers will take away from her art, Alice brilliantly exclaimed, “Expect nothing!” which I think is a great way to enter an art experience.

Alice is a student at CSULB, in her final year of her MFA pursuit. She will be graduating in the spring.


Formal Analysis



For the most part, nearly all of Alice’s piece take huge canvases, that more or less cover an entire wall space. Each piece is massive, which makes the work that much more complex, as each piece is covered by so many varying layers of oil based paint. The settings themselves are of landscapes, though Alice wanted to take a different spin on the traditional landscape. These pieces are meant to be different. When talking with her, I likened it to if you were to take the Norman Rockwell expected perfect scenario, and turn it on its head.

Synthesis / My Experience



I adored this exhibit. Each painting was absolutely beautiful from afar, but the closer you got the more you saw, and the more exquisite they became. There were so many layers present, and the mash of color became more apparent the closer in proximity you stood; what look like a simple blue was really blue with mottling of yellows, whites, and other variant shades.

What I also took from this chat was also a new promise to have an open mind. I confess, most artists in the past I didn’t talk to in length, but Alice engaged me in a conversation that lasted well over twenty minutes, and covered more than just her own work. We discussed Jackson Pollack, and how I was not a fan, but she convinced me to give him another shot. I’ve only ever seen a photograph of a Pollack, and Alice assured me that there is a lot missing by just looking at a photograph of art.

Honestly, Alice Andreini was one of the most delightful of the artists that I’ve met at the galleries – her art is as exquisite as she is of a person. I really wish her the best with her future endeavors.


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