Wk12 – Art Experience – The Dark Ages and I


So, for this week’s objective, we had to do one simple thing – go off the grid for the night. That seems like a simple task, in theory, but how often have you really tried? For myself, this was quite the challenge. Between having five classes to do assignments for (make-up and current), having a job that usually schedules me five nights out of the week, and just generally being addicted to the backlit glow of my phone. The internet is my one connection to everyone I love and care about, so turning it off for an evening is a personal challenge.

However, I did it, and now I’m going to recount what occurred…basically nothing!


Considering I had very little to work with, and an apartment complex that does not allow for the use of candles, my night was spent basically cuddling with my pets, and having a short conversation with my brother. We talked about less interesting things, like budgets and commute times, before we both called it a night – the lucky guy being able to use his phone, whilst I decided to turn in for the night out of boredom. The area I live in isn’t exactly pitch black at night, which took stargazing off the menu, and it was too dark in the apartment for reading or writing.


Overall, I’ve discovered that I don’t really like being off the grid. I like being connected enough that I can dial in when I want, as well as disconnect when I want – I have the freedom to be as plugged in as I want to be. I technically got better sleep, but I don’t know if I would necessarily consider that worth it? It’s the little enjoyments in life that make life living, and so many of those things (movies, music, etc.) require electricity; in short, why go to bed and wake up early without music or film?

It was more of a frustrating experience than anything else, though I can also understand why some are more accustomed to it. I probably will do nothing of this sort again, at least not cold turkey – I need at least the option of wasting mh time online.


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