Wk11 – Classmate(s) Conversation – Thida & Misty & Katherine & Antonella

from left: me, Thida, Misty, Antonella, and Katherine 

So, for this weeks classmate conversation, I actually hijacked the 1pm art class, and met these four amazing ladies who were really enthusiastic about talking to me, and I had a really great conversation with all of them. I learned that both Thida and Misty are focusing on Health Sciences, whilst Antonella and Katherine are majoring dance ; vastly different majors, but both extremely demanding in various ways.

The bulk of the conversation was led more in the direction of academics; how we’re in the final stretch of the semester, and we just have to hang in their a little longer (and how some of us need different holds taken off our accounts so that we can progress). Some of the conversation, however, got on the topic of films adaptapted from books, and we found we had differing opinions on what worked and what didn’t – as the writing/film major, I was easily the most critical.

Overall, I found the conversation really engaging, and despite that it was a rather large conversation, I didn’t feel lost or overwhelmed.


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