Wk9 Revisited – Art Experience – Graffiti


So, when you have a chronic condition like Crohn’s Disease, sometimes your life kind of slips out of the realm of control. Chaos ensues, and you just thank whatever higher being exists for the good days. Thankfully, it seems like the worst has passed, and I’m finally able to play catch up with my artistic endeavors…so what better place to start than with graffiti?!

Admittedly, I’d dabbled in graffiti before, well before I knew it was illegal or destructive. I just saw cool paint I could write with! After being corrected in that, I hadn’t really touched a can of spray paint since, so I definitely didn’t have any in my off campus apartment, meaning a quick trip to The Home Depot for two cans, blue and magenta.

So first, I traced out my name in (kind of) bubble letters. Once I was sure I’d done decent enough, I made an indoor workstation; this weeks unused ads to local supermarkets spread out on the dining room table.


Then, well, I just started spraying. Obviously, I wasn’t really sure how the paint was going to spray out, and I’m not the greatest at handwriting on the best days, so this did come out messy at best. It looks pretty decent for being rusty, though,and that “J” came out looking like I did it on purpose, so I’m pleased with it.

Overall, this was a pretty fun project. I might try to attempt something on canvas next time (and definitely do some practice sprays to get better dimension and effect).


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