Wk8 – Art Experience – Fingerpainting


So, the this week’s art experience was to engage in Fingerpainting, and as I’ve been dealing with illbess lately, this seemed like a fairly easy project to complete from home. I had the materials (poster paper from the automatic drawing experience, and reeeeeeeeally old paint from a kid’s art kit), all I needed to do was start going.


Really, it was all done unconsciously; I just dipped my fingers into the colors (yellow, red, and a weird light brown), and started making random swirls and patterns. In the end…I kind of see a Sea Turtle in the design? It’s kind of faint but…I can see it. Perhaps that is what makes abstract painting so vivid; the artist accidentally captures something significant to them? To me, the water has always felt like a second home, and marine life have always had a significant place in my heart…it’s funny how that turned out.

I suppose if I had done this differently, I probably would have chosen more color variants; blue, green, purple, etc. would have been nice additions. Also…newer paint would have been nice, as this stuff was thin, yet chunky at the same time?



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