WK6 – Art Experience – The Zine (a.k.a. I can’t draw, but tried)


So, this week the objective was to craft a ‘zine’, and frankly, I had no ideas on what I wanted to write/draw a few pages worth of content about…until my brother’s cat, Oates, peed on one of my blankets. Since the day my brother adopted this monster, I have loathed him, and I’m the type of person that adores all kinds of animals…so I had a subject now…to tell the world, in Crayola colors, how much I hate this cat.




My materials used were simple – crayons, letter paper, and that’s it. Since my drawing style is limited, it looks very much like a semi-foul mouthed child drew it, but I assure you I made it myself. For the binding, I used cheap duct tape, to make it look like the demon cat had chewn into the book.


Overall, it was a fun little project. I wasn’t that successful at it, but I definitely made an attempt. I think if I did it again, I might have cut out letters from newspapers and magazines to make it look like the cat was holding me ransom, or something to the degree to make it look more gritty and adult.


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