WK6 – Artist Conversations: The Cutest Annihilation


Artist – unspecified, curated by Carmina Correa & Vanessa Olivarez

medium – paper & watercolors

size – estimated 16×20?

year – 2017

subject – “doge meme” – the meme show

CSULB Werby Gallery


The Cutest Annihilation

It had been an average day, no different from any other. Nell had woken up, sung karaoke in the shower, gotten a quick breakfast, and headed to work. Nothing had seemed out of the ordinary to her, save for all of the radio stations being too scrambled to listen to…but that didn’t seem abnormal to her at the time, just inconvenient.

Even as she drove her tiny Ford through the streets, through the conspicuously light traffic, she still did not question what was going on. Perhaps this was just good fortune with a minor sacrifice? No traffic to speak of, but no music? She could live with that.

Her lips pursed together as she whistled a tune, unaware of the horror that would greet her. As she pulled into a parking spot, happy to have made good time, she finally noticed something amiss. The entire parking lot was completely vacant. Nell glanced wildly around, wondering if this was some kind of elaborate prank…but she saw no one. No cars, no people…not even the chirping of birds. The air was still, and the world was silent…until…


She could feel the vibrations throughout the car, could see the water in her Evian bottle pulsate every few seconds…a steady rhythm. Shakily reaching for the handle, Nell got out of her car and looked anxiously around. Was this an earthquake? Where should she hide? Could she even hide?

Her frantic thoughts were drowned out by a tumultuous BORK.

Revolving on the spot, she saw it, padding toward her; a dog the size of the Chrysler building. She let out a scream, which caught the dog’s attention. It bound over to her in two leaps, giving Nell no time to escape.


The loud noise it made was too high of a decibel for Nell to handle. Blood leaked from her ears, sliding between her fingers as she tried to box out the sound with her hands. Dropping to her knees in pain, she wailed, but the kaiju dog only took her movement for playtime. Reaching out a massive paw, the dog began to bat at her, sending her body tumbling into a mass of debris like a ragdoll. Then, with one final blow; the dog dropped it’s massive paw upon Nell, ending her torture. The dog borked again.



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