Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Katia Swihart

Artist: Katia Swihart
Exhibition: Description of a Struggle
Media: mixed media, paint, metal, oil, etc.
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: Katiaswihartart.blogspot.com

About the Artist

Image of the artist, Katia Swihart, taken from her artist’s website.

Katia is a CSULB undergraduate enrolled in the School of Art, and will be graduating this Spring (2017). Katia is an artist that is trained in many disciplines, including but not limited to: felting, painting, woodworking, drawing, sculpting, and animating. Katia has shown a love for art since childhood. When she won a contest in the second grade, she decided that this was an avenue to pursue.

Katia, like many artists, uses her art as a way to channel her emotions; she turns her anger and frustrations into compelling art, almost all of which is meant to evoke just as much emotion from the audience each piece is presented to.

Formal Analysis


Katia’s pieces are all made of varioys materials, from repurposed kitchenware, to matresses, to traditional acrylic paints. Katia uses such a variety in her work, that each piece you leaves you thinking  long after you’ve left the work behind.

Content Analysis


Her art, like many before, is fueled by her emotions and experiences, and that is palpable. Just looking at her compositions, which vary from media to media, you get a real sense of who that artist is and what she has been through. All of her art reveals a certain vulnerability, and it all immensely thought provoking…I mean, how can you not look at a fry basket filled with deep fried Stars of David and not have that penetrate you?

Synthesis / My Experience

I thought…it was a very unique experience. Honestly, though the colors are beaitiful and the pieces are so interestingly done, I couldn’t help but take on a little pain from this exhibit. Perhaps because, looking at the rendered art…I connected with some of the darker elements more than I would have liked…which makes the exhibit successful, as I thought about it long after I’d left the CSULB campus. I think Ms. Swihart has a very promising career ahead of her.



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