Wk5 – Art Experience -Automatic Drawing: Can I Hang it on the Fridge, Ma’?


This week, the art experience was based a little more on the supernatural than on actual talent. Why supernatural? Well, honestly, the idea sounded more like what a group of kids do on a rainy night – break out the Ouija board and try to freak each other out. Automatic drawing is sorta similar, except there is no trying to contact the dead (unless you want to, in which case that’s fine).

It’s based off of subconscious hand movements, ones you aren’t aware you’re making, hence the automatic. Much like chatting to ghosts, you need a partner for this experience, and yet again I enlisted the help of my innocent brother, for a project that took an hour or so to complete.

my brother, Nick

To complete this project, Nick and I sat together, broke out a box of crayons, and layered our hands over the same crayon. After taking a few moments to clear our heads (and for Nick to choose the right ambient music) we waited for something…anything to happen. Eventually, we got what was pictured above — a squiggly red something.

It may not be….the best piece, but it looks better than a Jackson Pollack, don’t you think?


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