Wk4 – Artist Conversation – Robert Nehemiah and Elmer Guevara

Robert(on left) and Elmer, addressing a group of spectators at their exhibition, “Immaterial


Artists: Robert Nehemiah and Elmer Guevara
Exhibition: Immaterial
Media: Canvas, Paint, Metal, Cardboard, Wood, Mixed Media, etc.
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West


  • Robert Nehemiah:@wookieewarrior
  • Elmer Guevara: @3lmski1

About the Artists

Robert and Elmer are both CSULB undergraduates enrolled in the School of Art, specifically in the Drawing and Painting programs, working on their Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. Both artists had a love of art from a young age, and though both tread different paths to get where they are, their love of art is what connected them. Though never working together before, Robert and Elmer were able to find common ground between them, creating the exhibition “Immaterial”.

Formal Analysis


The artists chose to create pieces that some would consider unconventional – Robert using unconventional mediums (such as cardboard and rusted metal), while Elmer chose unconventional subjects (the homeless he interviewed in LA).


Content Analysis

The pieces themselves are all representative of those who are overlooked in society, for Elmer that was the homeless, and for Robert those were the people we interact with every day. Each piece has a name, the subject’s name, to be exact. Robert and Elmer did each piece as a tribute, and gave their work the same dignity that you would a living, breathing person. Their art captures the personalities and mannerisms of their subjects. To sum it up in one word, I would call the exhibit “exquisite”.


Synthesis / My Experience


I absolutely adored this exhibit, not because of my connection to Los Angeles, but my disconnect to it. I am not an LA native, nor have I ever been within the city limits…but Elmer’s paintings on those massive canvases, even the pink panther graffiti room divider, made me feel like I had walked those city streets a million times before. The exhibit showed me a city, the underbelly, but also the beauty – Robert’s contribution was…breathtaking. His pieces were so well done, you almost don’t even realize that they’re painted on what a lot of people would just shrug off as garbage, rather than tools.



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