Wk4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


So this weeks project was to arrange a collection of pieces meant to be sent to another – a care package, so to speak. To some, grabbing a hodgepodge of random crap, shoving it into a box, and stamping an address on it wouldn’t be considered art…but those people would be wrong.

For me, this was personal, for the person I chose is someone I consider very close to me. She was there for me when my life had hit its lows (when my dog died, when I was in the hospital, after every fight with my parents), as well as the highs (she was there when I graduated from my previous college, and when I got accepted to CSULB). For years, she’s been there for me…but we’ve never formally met in person, because she lives in Washington state, and up til now I was stuck in Pennsylvania.

Linden and I became friends through an online writing community, and I think she’s absolutely amazing. Recently, she’s been going through a lot, so I decided she was my best candidate to send a care package to. Enclosed, I basically chose a bunch of her favorite things: she adores Olaf from Frozen, the minions, and Star Wars – that was the easy part. I also wanted to send a bit of me, so I sent a little Finding Dory card, as well as a very unique piece of driftwood I found at Junipero Beach (which is a block from my apartment). I also included a few “art doodads”, like decals and an adult coloring book, because why not? Also a chocolate deer head because it was on sale, and who doesn’t love chocolate?

Essentially, my art care package means that I’ll always be there for her, even if we can’t physically be with each other.




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