WK3 – Classmate Conversations – Ryanne Ur


College is a stepping stone – the first real climb you make from childhood to adulthood. It’s supposed to be the time where you figure out what interests you, and chase it down. Ryanne has taken her first step by coming to CSULB.

We met briefly last week, discussing our ideas on how best to artistically kill ourselves off, and I could tell right away that she was a creative person – perhaps when you have as unique a name as Ryanne, that comes naturally? She was really helpful when it came to that project, particularly when it came to deciding on aspects of it. We decided then that we wanted to finish our conversation, and got the chance to this week.

It took only moments to learn that Ryanne is a Long Beach native. This is her first year of college, and like a lot of Freshman, has not declated a major, though she definitely has interests. Psychology and Photography have caught her eye, though she said she was hesitant to declare either as her major – the recent job market causing some of that hesitation. I wasn’t too much help in deciding which path to go down, but I did mention that I had friends with degrees in Photography, and they have decent wedding and family portrait studios that they run.

Ryanne has traveled a little bit, to places like Texas, but has aspirations to travel more. Since this is her first year of college, and is currently undeclared, I suggested that she look more into the study abroad programs that CSULB offers. At my previous college, HACC, I was a part of two travel courses – one was a History/Psychology trip that spanned from Massachusetts to Virginia (fairly close to home), the other being a Theatre course that took me to England and Ireland. I told Ryanne briefly of my UK travels, and she seemed interested. She told me she would love to ho somewhere like Spain – she understands the language, but isn’t as confident at speaking it back. We agreed that if she immersed herself in a Spanish speaking country for at least a semester she would be absolutely fluent.

I think Ryanne has a lot to offer CSULB, and I look forward to seeing how she masters her college years.

You can find Ryanne here : https://ryanneart.wordpress.com


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