WK3 – Artist Conversation – Megan Macuen


Artist Megan Macuen standing with her largest installation “Untitled”

Artist: Megan Macuen
Exhibition: Untitled
Media: Fiber, Mixed Media
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

About the Artist

Megan Macuen is in her first year of the CSULB School of Art’s Fiber program, in her second semester, and already has an exhibition under her belt. This soft spoken artist, however, did not start off in art, but rather in a very different undergrad major – Wilderness Therapy. After spending years working at wilderness camps, specifically with disabled persons, Megan decided it was time to try something new. She left the wilds of Colorado, and came here for Art. She has now been practicing Art for over ten years, heavily using her skill as a weaver.


Formal Analysis

“Untitled” also known as “Skeleton Pirate Jungle Gym”

All of Megan’s pieces are large installations, using fiber, rope, wood and other mixed medias. All of her art is untitled, though she has little nicknames to describe them, like “skeleton pirate jungle gym” for her largest piece of work. The pieces are eye catching, and have a sort of haunting quality to them. They evoke a sort of….je nais se quoi? There are remnants in them that have familiarity to them, but they are also jarring as well. Unique to look at, but also somehow intimidating.


Content Analysis

When asked what the pieces were about or what inspired her, the simplest answer was given – “I don’t know”. The pieces are all untitled, because the artist felt no labels felt right, or could do them justice. The artist was honest, and said she simply let the artistic flow take her away, and so none of the pieces really mean…anything, at least nothing that Ms. Macuen gave away.

Synthesis / My Experience

For me, the art disturbed me, in a way, particularly the largest installation. The way the ropes were arranged, and the ceramic animals were stuck upside down, it made me think of repression, and a trapped childhood – of longing to be out and loud, but held back. After speaking with the artist, I think that the pieces are very open to interpretation, though as she did nickname the main piece “skeleton piate jungle gym” I have a feeling she too gets a darker feeling from it.


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