Wk2 – Art Experience – Heels so High You Can Talk to God

the heels

A picture can say a thousand words…and a picture about death? It screams those words.

I honestly was very excited about this project, because who doesn’t, from time to time, question their own mortality? While you’re in your car, do you ever stop to think that you might not finish your commute? I think it is a very human thing to consider your own death…and at this point in my life, the scenario I picked seemed pretty likely, if not overexaggerated.

I don’t consider myself to be vain, but I do like to accessorize from time to time, and as much as I hate the cliche’, I really do love shoes, stillettos to be exact – I own quite a few pairs (I’d have even more If my dog hadn’t chewed the hell out of a few pairs). Why? They looked good on me when I tried them on. Do I get a lot of use out of them? Not really – the higher the heel, the more I walk like a newborn giraffe, which is where I got my idea for this project – clumsy girl putting her aesthetic first, and her ability to balance second.

the staged text my friend helped me with

It was simple. I put together an outfit, brushing off the highest pair of heels I owned; did my makeup; and grabbed my little brother to be my makeshift photographer, and we set up the scene. With his help, we positioned my limbs, and took a few shots. My friend Lauren even sent me some texts to add to the scene, which I took a screenshot of since the camera didn’t pick up the image. Once done, I transferred the images to my laptop and gave them some touchups in Adobe Photoshop.


All in all, I’m pretty satisfied, but I could have done things differently. Perhaps I’d have chosen a different time of day or location, but I do so love the aesthetic.


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