Wk2 – Classmate Conversations – Jacob Siciliano

Jacked from Facebook, because I forgot to take a picture with him – I was so engrossed in conversation.

First impressions, good or bad, set the course for our lives. Does he look good? Is she nice? Do I smell gasoline? You can make up your mind about someone within five minutes of meeting them, and pass judgment on how you will think and treat them for the rest of your time together. In regards to Jacob, it only took me two minutes decide that I really liked him platonically.

During our conversation, which extended from the classroom and all the way to the entrance of the CSULB Library, I learned a lot about Jacob. First off, he’s a film major, which immediately got me interested. I love when someone appreciates the celluloid dream as much as I do, and Jacob certainly shares that passion. We talked about a few different movies and my foiled attempt to find the CSULB Film Club during welcome week, which, as it turned out, Jacob is a member of (unfortunately, the film club meets during our Visual Arts class, so I couldn’t attend meetimg anyway, but Jacob assured me I really wasn’t missing much).

The topic of film segwayed into other realms of talk, including travel. As it turned out, Jacob had been to Philadelphia as well, and we talked about the fun things you could do in the city, which included going to Independence Hall (where they filmed National Treasure) and The Philadelphia Museum of Art – which is fun as is, but more fun if you run up the steps pretending to be Sylvester Stallone (they filmed Rocky on those steps).

We also discussed our future work in this class, particularly our Landscape With a Corpse project, which Jacob had planned on portraying a dead spaceman because he just so happened to own a flightsuit – who said impulse buys couldn’t come in handy?

Overall, it was really fun talking to Jacob. Honestly, and I don’t know if he even realized, but talking to him was one of the first times since leaving Pennsylvania that I genuinely felt connected to my new home. It was just simple chatter, but he made me feel like I belonged, and honestly, I kind of hope after this semesyer is over, that he and I remain friends.



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